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Hey guys! 
Anna here with Bare Sandals, just wanted to give you a quick update about an awesome new feature I have recently discovered on Instagram. I've received some requests about being able to share barefoot sandals love through Instagram and decided to incorporate a new widget within this website.
Here is how it works: when you order a pair of Bare Sandals from us on this page, or from our ETSY page - go on Instagram, take a picture of your new purhcase and use hashtag #baresandals to tag your photo. What Instagram will do is send your photo to our Instragram widget and you will actually see your picture pop up on our website. It can stay there anywhere from 1 - 10 days! 
Where can you see the picture? Right below this post, on our main page ( and every page ) of
By sharing your love for Bare Sandals you are telling us that you are happy with your purchase, and you will be sharing the goodies with our buyers from all over the world! 
I personally LOVE receiving customer appreciation photos and thought it would be an awesome way of sharing those photos with everyone who visits our site. 
I hope to see you beautiful feet very soon ! 
Don't forget to #baresandals :)
Have an awesome day!
- Anna M.
Owner/ Founder
Bare Sandals 

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January 29, 2015

Thank you Anna!
You are so talented ! Your bracelets and bare sandals amazing ! Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!

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