Destination Wedding Make Up - Tips for Looking Flawless on Your Beach Wedding

It's your big day. You are excited, nervous and a bit anxious. I know the feeling. You wake up early, and the festivities start. You get your mani / pedi done, the hair is set up, your dress is ironed and ready to go... Then you get your make up done...
And slight panic starts to set in...
When I was getting married in Mexico 2 years ago, I asked my make up artist for "bright lips and classic look". When I walked out of the salon, got back to my room and took a "closer up" look of my face - I was stunned. NOT in a good way. My lips were bright magenta, I had blue eye shadow, 2 shades-off foundation and over dramatic eyes. I imaged Mike's ( my husband ) face at the alter..... There was no way I was going out there like that.
 I had two choices: A - Go back to the salon, have a confrontational conversation with the make up girl and kill another hour of my day, all while praying that the second result would be better then the first. or B - just wash my face and redo my make up myself.
I opted out for option number 2.
In this blog post - I wanted to share some of the tips for doing your own make up for your wedding day. I know. This sounds crazy. But sometimes, "stuff" happens and you have to think on your feet.
Tip 1: Invest in a GOOD primer.
Primers help your foundation to stay in one place. I never thought much about primers until I invested in one, and tried it out. Primers smooth out wrinkles and minimize pores. On a hot day ( like in Mexico ), my primer helped my foundation to last through our ceremony in the blazing sun and during the reception. For my wedding, I used Smashbox Photofinsh Primer.

Tip 2: Find the RIGHT shade of foundation.
Use liquid foundation if you have dry ski. However, don't forget to lightly powder your foundation to set it in one place. If you have oily skin, it is best to use powder foundation. Powder will help your ski to stay dry and absorb any excess moisture. I wore Bare Minerals Ready Powder Foundation, shade R230 in SPF 20.
Tip 3: Learn how to contour BEFORE your wedding.
I learned how to contour about a year before I got married and the results have been awesome! Your face automatically looks mode defined and feminine if you know how to contour it correctly. Check out Pinterest for ideas on contouring.  

Tip 4: For long lasting blush, use blush pomade, not powder.
Powder blushes are super easy to take off. One stroke of a hand and you are done for the rest of the day. Pomade blushes are typically a lot longer lasting, and more mendable. Pick a shade that compliments your skin tone. For your wedding day you do not want to experiment with funky shades and bright colors. On my photos below, I am wearing Korres Cream Blush in Light Rose.

Tip 5: When it comes to eye shadows and doing your make up - please stick to the normal routine, and try not to experiment with the new look on your wedding day.
I love the bare eye, red lips kind of look. But it doesn't always work. Extra smoky eyes are always great, but you are not going clubbing.
When doing my eye make up, I applied the same exact shadow I use during the day. The difference is that I added 2 more layers of the eye shadow to create more dramatic look. I used 2 different shades of eye shadow, one for the lid ( lighter color ) - Urban Decay in "Verve" and Urban Decay's "S &M"  to crease.
Tip 6: To create fuller lips, outline your lips SLIGHTLY beyond your natural lip line.
The key word is SLIGHTLY. It is also very important to pick the liner most closest to the shade of your lipstick. The lip liner that I used was Mariposa in Terra Cotta Color.
Tip 7: Know your shades of lipstick.
Typically, I am not too big or reds and berries. I prefer a more natural, light plum lips and often opt out for tinted chap stick. Before the wedding, I went to Sephora and experimented with their collection of colors. I ended up purchasing Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick in N.42 "Walk of Fame" and used it for my wedding. I knew this shade looked well with my skin tone.
Tip 8: Waterproof eyeliner and mascara is a must.
I think this one is self explanatory. Worst thing you can do is have mascara running down your face if you get emotional during the ceremony.
Tip 9: Use liquid eye liner to extenuate your eyes.
I only started to use liquid liner a few months before my wedding, but I am happy I did. In the past, I never really new how to apply it properly. Thanks to Pinterest, anything is possible. I love NYX black noir liner - it stays on all day and does not smudge. Plus, it is super easy to take off. NYX also offeres a variety of waterproof liners, which are a definite plus on your special day.
Tip 10: Have your bridesmaids carry your lip stick / lipgloss.
When having a purse is not an option - see one of your bridesmaids to touch up those lips. I do not recommend wearing one of those "10 hour - 24 hour long wear lipsticks". From personal experience, they dry out your lips and the color fades in certain areas of your lips. This makes your lips look a bit deformed.
I think that pretty much covers the basics. There are so many things that can go wrong on your special day, and instances are bound to happen. The best advice I can give is to simply go with the flow, breathe, drink champagne, and whether you have to do your own make up or fix a button on your dress - don't stress. Stressing over minor issues is not worth it - especially on the most important day of your live :)
 Please share your make up secrets and tips by commenting on this blog post. 
Until next time,
Anna :)

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