Adele Barefoot Sandals

We can't get enough of Adele Barefoot Sandals! Absolutely breathtaking pair is handmade using French Lace, gorgeous flower ribbon appliques, stunning white hues and comfortable ribbons on the back of the sandals to ensure comfort and versatile look. Wear them as sandals, as well as gorgeous hand jewels - Adele Design is suitable to be worn in more than one ways and will last you throughout your entire special day, and into the night as you dance the night away in these stunning sandals. 
Details: All sandals are sold as pairs. All items are gift wrapped upon shipment. Feel free to leave us a note upon checkout if you would like to customize your order by including a personalized note in the packaging. Wear them in the pool, ocean or any other type of water. Handwash only after use using a mild detergent. Let completely air dry before wearing again. 

Sizing: Our Lace / Crochet Barefoot Sandals are 100% adjustable. You can make them as tight or as loose as you would like. One size fits all!

Shipping: Shipping of Lace / Crochet Sandals takes anywhere from 1 - 5 business days. We ship worldwide! Different shipping options are available at the checkout: First Class ( 2 - 5 business days ), Priority ( 2 - 3 business days ), or Priority Express ( 1 - 2 business days ).

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