Bare Sandals is located in Burlington, New Jersey. Our company specializes in one of a kind, unique foot jewelry specifically designed for destination wedding, beach getaways, honeymoons and holidays in the sun. Our designs feature top notch, eco friendly materials, gift packaging for all order, and ability to customize the designs to fit the wedding of your dreams.          

            Our goal is to bring superior quality product at an affordable price to make your special day that much more memorable and magical.

         As a Bare Sandals Bride, we understand that you want everything to be perfect. This is why each and every single one of our orders are carefully handcrafted with the highest standards in mind: from receiving your order, to carefully crafting it, to packaging it and finally sending it your way, we want to ensure that you are satisfied with the entire process.

          If you have any questions about our company, or our creative process or if you are simply not sure which pair is right for you, please send us a message to: customerservice@mybaresandals.com.


     "I didn't always dream of having a business, nor did I know anything about running one. It all naturally happened in the spring of 2014. The idea for Bare Sandals came to me when I was planning my own destination wedding. When planning for my big day, I had a really difficult time finding the right pair of shoes to wear for my ceremony. I wanted to be completely comfortable, but also glamorous. When shopping for shoes in stores, most of them lacked the "wow" effect I was looking for, and anything I saw online made specifically for beach weddings was tacky, bulky and generally unattractive. This is when I realized that instead of looking for the perfect pair, I could try to make my own.

           My background in jewelry came from my childhood, when I used to make beaded bracelets and necklaces as a hobby. Being a DIY fanatic pretty much my whole life an idea for "soleless sandals" was born right then, and I knew I had to try to make it a reality. I started making simple designs, but eventually made the pair I was 100% happy with, and wore it on my big day in Mexico ( see pictures below ). When I got back from my vacation, I uploaded a few designs on Etsy, just to see if anyone else was having the same issue. I was in for a big surprise: I had no idea that other brides, just like me were struggling to find the perfect destination wedding shoes. 

            The goal of my company is to ensure that your special day is as unique as YOU are. I  understand that you’re looking for every detail to be perfect, and sometime it is tough to commit to making a purchase online because you don't always get to touch / feel / try on the product before making a purchase. 

            Bare Sandals is absolutely dedicated to customer service, top notch quality product and providing you with the best experience possible. We care almost as much about your wedding as you do, so if you’re not 1000% satisfied with your order, we’ll fix it, until you are. Our 30 day return policy offers "no questions asked" returns, refunds, or exchanges.

        I hope that you will give Bare Sandals a chance to make your special day the most memorable and magical day yet."

                                                                        - Anna Monasterski. Owner and Founder