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Setting your wedding budget can be pretty stressful. There are so many items to take care of. Start by determining how much you and your families can afford to spend on an entire day. Set your max budget, and try to stay under that number by as much as possible. When done correctly, destination weddings SHOULD cost a less, however, that depends on the location of your wedding. In this blog post, I wanted to share with you some of the strategies you can use to save some money and stay within your budget, and even have some left over cash you can spend on your new life with your bau.
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A few months ago I got an opportunity to e-meet ( online meet ) Sandy Brooks, an event coordinator at Timeless Weddings and Events. Sandy reached out to me asking me if I would be interested in participating in a collaborative photoshoot. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity to collaborate and work with other amazing vendors and sent her a few of the designs we carry at Bare Sandals. 

Check out these gorgeous photos below for your own beach wedding inspiration.

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Determining the style of your wedding can be a crucial point of making your special day that much more enjoyable. The wedding activities and not just location should definitely give off your individual personality style, your passions, what makes you who you are. Choosing a place that means something to YOU and your groom is a must have for any type of destination wedding. This is why we put together this list of 7 types of destination weddings to consider. If you are 100% in for a unique wedding experience, then read on to get inspiration for the best day of your life.

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A few months ago I had the pleasure of e-meeting ( online meeting ) Bisma, the owner of an incredible blow, Pakistani Weddings. Bisma runs an incredible Instagram page with over 79K followers. Bisma and I collaborated when I sent her a pair of Bali Anklets she rocked on her wedding day ( and looked absolutely stunning ).
A few months after her wedding, Bisma and I decided that we MUST collaborate again, but this time, instead of focusing on the sandals we should create a head chain. Since I literally will jump on ANY new project which will challenge me as a designer I couldn't wait to get started. 
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Nothing says "I love you, Mom" more than a well thought out gift that was hand crafted from the scratch. Selecting a perfect gift for your mother or mother-in-law shouldn't be a difficult process, yet so many people are stuck not being sure of what to get for one of the most important people in your life. This is why we put together this simple and stylish guide you can follow of top 18 gifts that are PERFECT for every type of mom. Surprise her with a handmade gift made with care, love, and stunning craftsmanship...

Mother's Day Gifts

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Destination Wedding: Dressing Your Groom, Bridal Party and Guests
You have found the most beautiful dress to make your wedding day awesome. You have thought about your comfort, and now is the time to choose something great for your groom, for your bridal party, and to give tips to your guests. A destination wedding will make you think of the wedding attire in a diverse ways. You can be traditional or non-traditional, but making everyone comfortable should be the most important goal to you.

Beach wedding attire

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One of the extremely exhilarating parts about   getting married is taking a vacation after the wedding. Following several months of wedding preparation and worrying about wedding specifics, your honeymoon arrive as a welcome break which is a chance for one to enjoy spending some value time with your new hubbs. Since your honeymoon will be the first journey you take as a married couple, you desire is to be placed in a very special place.
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For your wedding day, there are SO MANY THINGS you must do, but there is SO LITTLE TIME! In the process of trying to make one as radiant as possible, sometimes mistakes are made in the beautification process.
lindsey michelle wearing head chain
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We love hosting giveaways. We decided to give something extra special for all of our followers for the month of February. Winter blues can get you feeling down and depressed. For our February Instagram Giveaway, were are giving away ONE pair of  Arabella Barefoot Sandals.  

Arabella Pair of Turquoise Barefoot Sandals

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