Customer Appreciation Photos

More than anything we love customer appreciation photos. We want to ensure you had the best time wearing Bare Sandals. This section features some of the appreciation photos from real customers, just like you. Feel free to share your photos with us on Instagram ( #mybaresandals ), or email them directly to:, subject line "Customer Appreciation Photos". We would love to feature YOU in this section :)

Barefoot Sandals on the Beach
Swarovski Barefoot Sandals on the beach Swarovski Bare Sandals in Cabo
 Olivia Rink in Bare Sandals Olivia Rink in Bare Sandals
Olivia Rink on the rocks in bare sandals Olivia Rink in Bare Sandals
 Starfish Bare Sandals on a Bride
Barefoot Sandals by Bare Sandals in Blush Rose 
 Bare Sandals
Nikita Price wearing Bare Sandals
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