Amour Silver Barefoot Sandals

One of a kind, Amour Barefoot Sandals is absolutely breathtaking pair of barefoot sandals. This absolutely gorgeous pair of sandals will dazzle and adorn your feet with plenty of sparkle. Handcrafted using a variety of bead weaving techniques, this stunning pair features over 263 individually assembled rhinestone connectors. The rhinestones stay together with silk thread which connects the rhinestones with white seed beads. Truly a one of a kind pair of sandals. 

The sandals feature white pearls which hang from each side of the sandals. You can modify the color of the pearls to your liking or exclude them altogether. When purchasing this gorgeous pair, you will be able to either include or EXCLUDE the pearls. Please let us know if you would like us to customize your pair by including OTHER shade of pearls on this stunning piece of foot jewelry. 

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