Top 5 tips for Improving Your Skin Before Your Wedding Day

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For your wedding day, there are SO MANY THINGS you must do, but there is SO LITTLE TIME! In the process of trying to make one as radiant as possible, sometimes mistakes are made in the beautification process. It’s easy for this to happen with dramatic before and after photos and advertisements that promise beautiful, glowing skin in a month or even “as little as five days”. A lot of people know not to get anything as dramatically altering as a chemical peel or microderm abrasion too close to the wedding day, but most are not aware that products that are easily available in pharmacies and department stores can do more harm than good to the skin.
One of the possible problematic products are pore cleansing strips. They adhere to the skin when wet and when they’re dry and peeled like a sticker, they are supposed to remove excess oil, debris, and white or black heads from the skin. They can also overstimulate the oil glands and if proper cleansing and recommended use of a toner is not used after removal of the strip, the pores might be opened to new bacteria entering. Not to mention they may be very painful to take off.
Over the counter and (what I refer to as) mail order miracles that promise to rid years of troubling acne in a month’s use. This is definitely one of those too good to be true situations. Years of serious, cystic acne, and scars will not be able to be cleared by the “enough for a one month” kit. The reason why the trial kits are enough for a month trial is because if any improvement is going to be visible, sometimes it takes a full month. This might seem great, but as with any other change (such as a diet), in order to keep the results, one has to keep with the regiment.  If it’s a chronic and painful situation with lasting marks, a trip to a dermatologist is a better investment in the long run than continuously purchasing skin care kits that not only might not work, but could make the skin even more irritated and sensitive than it was before.  A doctor should always be consulted to make sure it can be cured or relieved by topical treatments. Skin issues can also be brought on by allergies, beauty products, sensitivities to foods, fabrics, metals, animals, and plants and there are tests that can help determine what exactly is the culprit behind the problem(s).
There are simple steps that one can take to make sure that they don’t have any surprise blemishes or rashes occur:
Step 1
Don’t try any new beauty products (cosmetics, hair, nails, and skin), vitamins, or laundry detergent and softener. Unless a facial is regular in your schedule, don’t decide the time to start getting them is too close to the actual wedding day.
Step 2:
As with any major change to your body and your routine for it, always make an appointment with a doctor to make sure it is right for your skin. Besides your wedding photos and confidence that day, you could also save yourself time, money – and your complexion – by doing so.
Step 3: 
Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Water is essential for healthy skin, nails, hair and overall health of your body. Depriving your body of water can have many negative consequences. Do not substitute water with other liquids, like juice or soda. Juices have ton on sugars, and instead of hydrating you, they actually do the opposite.
Step 4:
Get some sleep. An average American sleeps for 6 ½  hours a day. But that is not nearly enough of ZZZ’s that we should be getting. I know from personal experience - when I don’t get enough rest, the day seems to go to a complete waste: I feel tired, irritated, aggravated and unmotivated. Feeling like poop, is not the only thing that is affected by sleep. The way you look also takes a big toll.  Avoid getting those baggy eyes, by getting some ZZZ’s at least for a month before your big day.
Step 5:
Recently I’ve discovered coconut oil. Coconut oil is AMAZING for your skin, nails, and especially hair. It is a widely known fact that coconut oil hydrates, smoothes your skin, and acts like a natural sun block. From personal experience, I have used coconut oil as a hair mask, and as night time lotion for years. I absolutely loved the results. Applying coconut based lotion to your skin before bed ensures your skin is SUPER soft the next day. In terms of the hair mask - I have been using coconut oil to keep my lock hydrated. Being a natural brunette, I color my hair quite often, and have been for the last 10 years or so. My hair gets super dry, and slip at the ends. I use coconut oil hair mask to restore some of that lost moisture and add manageability. Stay tuned to find out the simplest way of making the coconut oil hair mask, which will cost you less than 1$ / month.
Hope you enjoyed this blog post.
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