Updates to our website

Updates to our website

April 30, 2019

During the months of January through April we have been diligently working on making our website more user friendly, easier to navigate and more overall esthetically pleasing.

Our goal for the new website is to provide our amazing brides with more information on our company, our creative process and exactly HOW each and every order is handcrafted in our little online shop. In efforts to do that, we have completely revamped our home page, product pages and our collections pages. 
Here are some changes we have implemented in hopes of making our website more user friendly and easy to use for our gorgeous brides to be:

What's new with barefoot sandals
New homepage
  • Features slideshow and easier navigation
  • Testimonials section
  • Easy 10% off sign up option
  • Our instagram page
  • And real customer photos from our amazing brides

    Our shipping and Policies
    • Have been updated to production of 5 - 7 business days. Although, we understand that 5 - 7 business days is still a lengthy time for some, we are striving to ship out all orders between 3 - 4 business days after receiving them in our shop. 

      Custom orders page
      • Our new and improved custom orders page walks you though the exact process we take to handcraft each and every single custom-made order. We included pictures and samples, in addition to detailed description of the step-by-step process Bare Sandals takes when making unique, one of a kind orders. 

        Wholesale Information
        • Becoming a stockist have never been easier. In 3 easy steps, retailers now can apply to become wholesalers and receive our amazing products at 50% off retail prices. The page outlines each process in a summary, and provides our retailers with a chance to speak to a customer representative LIVE if they have any further questions about becoming a stockist. 

          In our shop section
          • Buyers are now able to shop by a collection. We have removed over 50 products from our website. Why? To make it easier find the best type of sandals and jewelry possible for your occasion. Getting rid of inventory means a few things: less cluster, less time wasting on looking at irrelevant products and more time exploring what really fits your budget and needs. 
          • In addition, customers are now able to browse products by collections, pre-order newest items and sign up to receive email notifications if the product of their choice is sold out. 
          • Each product now features a "double main image" feature. This feature enables you to save time when browsing our inventory - you do not need to click on each product to find the one you really love. Just scroll your mouse over the product, and watch the second image appear before your eyes. 

            More reviews
            • We have imported all of our existing reviews from the old site and made it even easier to share your opinions on purchases now with future customers. We want to hear your true, honest opinion about our products, so please continue to share only your true reviews.

              Our blog
              • Our blog now features a different interface. Our goal is to publish ONE blog article per month with tips, advice, wedding day inspiration for you to enjoy. One blog per month allows us enough time to truly research the topics relevant to our customers and provide them with only the best and most useful information out there - we are not here to promote our brand. We are here to share tips, tricks, DIY short cuts and inspiring wedding ideas with all of our readers. 

                Submit your wedding
                • Now, if you would like to apply for our "Submit Your Wedding" blog feature -you can do so in 1 click. Simply head on over to our submissions page, and click on the "questionnaire" infographic. This will take you to our Google Forms page, where you will be prompted to answer a quick 5 minute survey about your special day. You can upload your favorite wedding photos directly to the form and send it our way. No need to open your email - everything is in one place.
                  Lastly, collaborations
                  • Our last addition is specifically meant for collaborators: photographers, magazine editors, publications and influencers. Want to get Bare Sandals Jewelry for your next photo shoot? Check out our collaborations page to find out how. 

                    We hope that you will find our site more user friendly and easier to use. Please leave a comment below and let us know which feature you would like to see next. We need feedback and would love to hear what you have to say about the new site. Stay tuned for our next update in May!

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