Wedding Day Etiquette Rules

“I Do!” Decorum
Things are changing the way many people plan and execute their weddings. Everything from custom hashtags for Instagram to color palettes, and theme weddings that are not as conventional as they have been in the past.  Having special and unique touches to make your special day yours is great, but there is etiquette that one should never go astray from.
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Thank you cards
Thank you cards. Whether it’s for shower gifts, wedding gifts, or a kind gesture, always send one. Even if the person declined the invitation but sent you something, they should also get one.
While we’re on the subject of thank you cards, the appropriate time to send them is no more than a month after the wedding.
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Don’t have too large of a time gap between the ceremony and the reception. Your guests will understand you might want to take pictures, but don’t keep them waiting too long in between.
Feed the entertainment or anyone you have employed for the day. When the band or DJ takes their break, make sure they know that they are welcome to have something to eat.  Even if they don’t, they’ll appreciate the offer.
Seating Chart
Don’t seat all the single people at a table together. Some people are anxious enough not attending with a date or significant other, so seat them with other guests they know and will be comfortable with.
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Saying Hello 
Make sure you say hello to everyone.  If you decide to skip having a receiving line, definitely plan so that you and your spouse can go to each table to greet and thank everyone in person.
Send paper invitations.
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Different Invites
Evites and Facebook event invites are great for a birthday happy hour with coworkers, but not for your wedding day. If you do invite people via social media (so they’ll have the reminder at their fingertips), make sure they also receive a paper invite in the mail as well.
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Pre-wedding celebrations 
Don’t invite people that are not on the wedding guest list to pre-wedding celebrations. It’s rude to invite people to the bridal shower and not to the wedding and reception.
Payment to your vendors 
Always pay anyone who is a vendor or does professional work for you. Never assume that the makeup artist/hairdresser/photographer/cantor/band/etc. will work for free because you’re related or really close friends. Some might give you a discount, but don’t go into a professional arrangement expecting it.
pay your vendors
Your venue
Respect the rules of the venue. You might not like the brightly colored exit sign, but don’t try to cover it up with tulle or flowers. The purpose for some things is safety and not event aesthetic.
Manage your stress
Let little things go. Some things might not turn out exactly as planned, but don’t let that influence your mood or ruin your day.  Definitely don’t take it out on anyone in your bridal party or any professionals that might be trying to help with the situation.
manage stress
There are many new and modern ways to approach and plan a wedding today, but keep all of the above in mind. Certain things may go out of style, but etiquette and manners never do.
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