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No matter how hard you plan and hope to avoid conflict, there are times where drama might rear its ugly head.  You might want to explode – even the most level headed person can only take so much, especially when planning and budgeting one of the most important days of their life on top of the stresses of everyday life.  Reacting a certain way or even not reacting to certain things at all, can be the key to not having to try to smooth things over in the future.
Here are some tips for handling conflicts like a pro:


1. Stand United 

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The most important part of anything is for you and your future spouse to support each other. Important decisions should be made together in private and are not to be strayed from when others – be it family, friends, or bridal party members – try to pressure you into something else. If the agreement was to avoid male/female entertainers at the bachellorette/bachelor parties,  then no male/female entertainers will be there. If you decided that no children were to be in the wedding party? Then your newborn niece will not be wheeled down the aisle in a replica of Cinderella’s carriage. Stay firm and together on the decisions that are made.


2. Avoidance 

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Pretending something isn’t happening doesn’t mean it isn’t or it won’t escalate to something bigger. Certain things shouldn’t be a “wait and see if it happens and we’ll deal with it then” situation, especially ones involving divorced parents or family rifts, sibling issues, or money. Remember there is a difference between acting and reacting, and discussing how best to handle any issues with your future spouse is key.


3. Others Stealing Your Thunder 

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Sometimes people are attention seekers and they will try to turn the spotlight towards them. If this happens at any event, maybe the solution is to have someone from the bridal party speak to them in private to ask them from refraining from that behavior. If it’s a situation of a friend getting engaged during the time period between your engagement and your wedding, it’s unlikely that they got engaged to compete with you, especially if it’s the time period in life where a lot of people are conventionally getting engaged. Don’t say anything about that, because your friend also probably didn’t choose when their fiancé popped the question.


4. Outsourcing

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 If there are issues that you and your future spouse cannot come to terms with, or new ones spring up, find someone that will definitely be a neutral party. Don’t pick anybody that is a mutual friend or a favorite family member. That person might feel pressured into picking a side or just saying what they feel is best to keep the peace without actually helping solve the problem. Try to make an appointment with a member of your preferred denomination’s clergy or a therapist. Going to them does not mean there is necessarily a problem, rather, that you are trying to avoid one from happening.
                There will be problems and issues that will happen and they happen with every wedding.  Sometimes there will be no warning, and sometimes it will be a storm that was brewing for a while. The one thing that can keep it from being a slight drizzle to a category five hurricane is how level headed you stay and how you handle the situation(s) as they occur.


Comment below and let us know about a situation you've ever had to face, and how you handled that situation. 
Until Next Time, Anna M :)

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