Bare Sandals is on the cover of TAGazine Honoring the Golden Globes

Etsy Conversations Podcast is an awesome podcast which features interviews with  different Etsy sellers. Each week Ijeoma interviews sellers who give business advice and success strategies for everyone who sells handmade goodies via Etsy or their own websites. I have personally been interviewed for the podcast twice before. You can listen to my interviews here:
Episode 48  and Episode 122


On one of the episodes of the podcast, I heard about The Artisan Group, TAG for short. One of the sellers was mentioning that her jewelry has been featured on a variety of TV shows, and worn by several big-time celebrities. After hearing about this I was intrigued, and decided to check out TAG group myself. 


After browsing their website, I decided to apply for the group. I didn't really have any expectations from it, being that my product is very specific and may not be the best fit for some press opportunities since it specifically targets destination wedding brides.


Shortly after my application, Valerie ( the group's owner ) accepted my application. I instantly began receiving several invitations to participate in different types of high-end PR events. Anything from submitting my jewelry to The Vampire Diaries, being featured in Gift Guides of all sorts to sending jewelry gifts to celebrities. 


After being in the group for about a year, I really wasn't sure if I was going to continue my membership with TAG due to the fact that the nature of my jewelry is very specific. It targets a very unique audience. A lot of opportunities presented for the artists weren't exactly "right" for me and my type of business. I didn't just want to submit my sandals for any and all opportunities that came around. The opportunity needed to be just right.


However, I am happy that I decided to stick around for a bit longer.


Earlier this year, Valerie posted about an opportunity I knew I had to apply for. 


In November, TAG was looking for a lifestyle photo to be featured on the cover of the TAG Magazine's 11th issue. The awesome part of it being that this magazine was going to get distributed to celebrities and press at The 2018 Golden Globes. Yep... THE Golden Globes


Once I learned of the opportunity, I knew that the photoshoot that I organized in June would fit perfectly on the cover. 


Immediately, I wrote an email to Valerie letting her know that I was interested in submitting some of the photos for this opportunity. I submitted 5 photos and waited to hear back. Here are the photos I submitted for the cover:


Bella Head Chain on Jackie
Barefoot Sandals for the beach bride
Beach Bride
Wedding on a dock
Celeste Head Chain on a bride
Valerie got back to me that Friday... 


She told me that one of the images was, indeed selected for the cover


I don't think it hit me right away. I texted Michael Glenn, the photographer and told him the big news. Michael was coming back from a wedding shoot, and called me back immediately. Together we freaked out for about 20 minutes, meanwhile my husband looked at me like I was completely loosing it.  


Next, came a few back-and-forths with Valerie until we figured out all of the details.


As soon as the digital version of the magazine came out, I knew this was ACTUALLY happening. Holy crap. The Golden Globes. Cover. Given to over 120 celebrities and press. This is big.


I got the physical copies on hand mid-December and could not contain my excitement any longer. I posted about this AWESOME news on my personal Facebook page and got a huge feedback from family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances I haven't spoken to in years.


Here is what the cover actually looks like:


Barefoot Sandals in Golden Globes
Digital Copy can be viewed here. 


It's truly an awesome feeling to see your hard work pay off. Especially after planning the shoot myself, and hand making all of the jewelry pieces months and months prior to the shoot ( read about how much fun THAT was here ). 


I know that this is an awesome accomplishment. It's going to get my business exposure I would have been unable to get otherwise. However, as I said to one of my friends recently, this is just a step on a very long and steep ladder. Ladder that hopefully will one day lead to Bare Sandals World Domination ( haha ). So, I definitely have to keep focused and have my eyes on the prize at the end of the road.


But...  in the meantime .... CHEERS to our first cover, and thanks to Valerie from The Artisan Group, Michael Glenn for the sweet pics, Jackie for KILLIN the shoot, all of the amazing vendors involved and all of the friends and family for the support. 


Most importantly, a very special thank you goes out to all of the beautiful brides who have put their trust in Bare Sandals. I am so happy that you allow me to make beautiful jewelry for one of the most important days of your life. Without our amazing brides, Bare Sandals would not be where it is today. 
And now I'm off to celebrate !!!! 



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