Dressing up Your Bridal Party

Destination Wedding: Dressing Your Groom, Bridal Party and Guests
You have found the most beautiful dress to make your wedding day awesome. You have thought about your comfort, and now is the time to choose something great for your groom, for your bridal party, and to give tips to your guests. A destination wedding will make you think of the wedding attire in a diverse ways. You can be traditional or non-traditional, but making everyone comfortable should be the most important goal to you.

Beach wedding attire

The Groom
The first thing to consider is if you want a suit or just a casual shirt and pants. Whichever decision you take gives you plenty of options. You will have to decide on a fabric and that will lead you to color or pattern. The most commonly used fabric is linen, which is light in weight and very comfortable. You might also choose light cotton.
Now consider color. This is your chance to show a little excitement. Selecting white or tan is traditional, but what about a bold color? Or a bright pattern? This is when you make your wedding a little more different. Any look you choose should be stylish.
There are button down shirts, tuxes, suits, vests, ties, flip flops, or barefoot - your groom will be dressed just as great as you. And his groomsmen will follow suit (no pun intended)!

groom beach wedding attire

Your Bridesmaids
Next, your bridesmaids should also be stylish, comfortable, and memorable. The rules that apply to you will also apply to them. Light fabric, and knee length are the traditional, but do not rule out a floor length dress as well.
Dress color can be pastels, but a bright color that allows you a feel of the sun, sea, and sand would probably be the better choice.
A short dress with spaghetti straps typically looks pleasing on everyone. One strap dresses, as in the Grecian style will add to the support, and usually looks stunning with a low bun hairstyle.
A slim and slinky dress will allow your maids to have that classic touch. Of course strapless gowns are also a solid choice.
coral bridesmaids dresses
The Guests
Lastly, you have to consider your guests and what they will be wearing. It is always a good idea to make sure that the invitation states the style of wedding that you are having. Women will want to have a fabric that is light and flowing. You could suggest linen, cotton, chiffon or organza; all can look luxurious and stay cool.
The most traditional color for a wedding is black, but if it will be too hot on the beach, sticking with island tones is a good idea. You can let your guests know your wedding colors, or just tell them to select something light and bright. Then considering formality, they can choose the appropriate dress.
For male guests picking a linen suit is a great idea. With any dress code, you cannot go wrong in such suit. Let them select a thier color if they want to make a statement and have fun. Suggest short sleeves, and forget the tie if you are on the beach!
Being cool, comfortable, and gorgeous should be everyone's goal. With some thought you can have people truly experience your wedding day to the fullest. The sand, sea, and sun should be the beautiful backups to your romantic wedding.

Beach wedding attire for guests

Until Next Time, Anna M. <3 

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