Manage Your Time When Planning a Wedding... Like a ( girl ) Boss!

“I can’t wait to tell everyone! I have to tell everyone!” is usually one of the first thoughts that a newly engaged bride-to-be has going through her head...
... Then eventually it leads to thoughts of planning with the dress…and the parties…and the tastings…and the ordering of the flowers…and the….; which can ultimately lead to stressing about things she should be enjoying. Whether you have a month or a year to plan your wedding, here are some tips on how to get the most for your time.
  1. Get a planner that you ONLY put wedding events and plans into.  Use bullet points to separate and categorize things on your immediate to do list for the day / week / month.  
Example: Daily To-Do List:
Have a meeting at 9 am.
- The dentist at Noon.
- *song list to DJ by 1!!!*
- Conference call at 2 pm.
- First dress fitting at 5pm.
- Dinner meeting at 8 pm.
- *Don’t forget to order favors by midnight to get free shipping!!!”
Some of these tasks are part of your everyday life, and some might not take longer than fifteen minutes, but it’s easy to look at how many things need to be done in one day and feel a little stressed by the tasks.
-        Don’t try to plan too many things in a short amount of time. Being late to appointments (or even worse, canceling) can lead to costing more time or more money (if there are fees attached to either) in the long run. 
-        Give yourself plenty of time in between appointments to actually get to the next appointment or place on time.
-        Delegate tasks. Your bridal party is there to help you! Your mom will also gladly help you with any last minute tasks. 
-        Put similar tasks together. Try to make it so wherever you have to run errands and have appointments are all in the same area on specific days of the week.
-        If something can’t be accomplished? Do without it. You don’t have to stay up all night making two hundred candle favors because you saw them last minute on Pinterest. The world will not end without them. 
But, of course,  if you really want those candle favors - space out the task (example: accomplish fifty per night.)
-        Find out how long certain things will take by the people you are employing and then prioritize meetings with them accordingly to avoid a time crunch (and possible rush fees).
-        Make it a point to try to be early for appointments. This way if there is traffic or trouble finding parking, you’ll be closer to your appointment time or only a few minutes late.
-        Take time for YOU! It’s okay to decline invitations to a last minute dinner or drinks if you are working on a budget with your time. Don’t become a bridal hermit, but if you have had a busy weekend or day, it’s okay to not want to go out – just don’t flake on plans that were already committed to.
It’s your wedding, but no one expects you to be superwoman. If something wasn’t accomplished or fell through last minute? It’s okay. Your day will be wonderful and planning for it should be nothing less than enjoyable – even if you don’t find the time to make two hundred candle favors.
   Best of all - manage your time, YOUR way...

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November 20, 2015

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I love your blog!
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May 12, 2015

Another great topic ! Thank you !
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