Top 7 Destination Weddings You Will Fall in Love With

Determining the style of your wedding can be a crucial point of making your special day that much more enjoyable. The wedding activities and not just location should definitely give off your individual personality style, your passions, what makes you who you are. Choosing a place that means something to YOU and your groom is a must have for any type of destination wedding. This is why we put together this list of 7 types of destination weddings to consider. If you are 100% in for a unique wedding experience, then read on to get inspiration for the best day of your life.


1. Wine Country Wedding

Not only will you love the gorgeous grapevines and stunning vineyard ceremony, but your guests will also appreciate the wine tasting throughout the ceremony and cocktail hour. Catering such wedding could also mean that you and your guests will enjoy locally grown cuisine for a true taste of local flavors. Wine country weddings are the perfect mix of class and relaxation. Plus, the landscape will look gorgeous in all of your wedding photos. Begin your research in  Napa Valley ( California ) and see all of the breathtaking wineries California has to offer.


wine country wedding


2. European Wedding

If you are looking to go "all out" and enjoy extravagant getaways, consider looking into a destination wedding in Europe. You will be able to feel like a true princess, arriving in a horse-drawn carriage and enjoying the ceremony in a rustic castle. Hiring a local musician or band to play music, tasting the local cuisine, and even learning a new language can mean a brand new experience for you and your guests. For this type of getaway, think intimate and small. You will want to invite only the closest family members and friends, but this will be an experience which will not be easily forgotten. For most romantic places in Europe, check out Florence, Italy; Athens, Greece; or Loire Valley, France.


European Wedding


3. A City Wedding

If you love the city vibe and can't imagine being away from your favorite place for too long, the city wedding may just be the one for you. You will love having a rooftop cocktail party or a rehearsal at a celebrity chef's restaurant. You will also find an abundance of vendors right at your fingertips, so running out of option will not be an option. Your guests will love the surrounding museums, parks, shopping, theaters, nightlife and of course hanging out with you. If you are looking for an old -school style vibe, check out Boston. NYC can be an incredible, yet pricey option. San Diego has the best of both worlds: a chill, California vibe and all perks of a lively downtown.


City Wedding


4. Ski Resort Wedding

If I had to do it all over again - I would DEFINITELY go with this option. Having your wedding at a ski resort is not only a unique take for destination weddings, it is also a luxurious and glamorous event which your guests will never forget. In the winter, enjoy a plethora of action between the wedding festivities: skiing and snowboarding, relaxing by the fire with your favorite bottle of Cab, taking a dip in a hot spring. In the summer, fill your memories with breathtaking views of the mountains and take in the fresh air. Having a mountain wedding is definitely something your guests will not forget. Just imagine having your ceremony on top of a mountain, while your guests take a gorgeous lift or a gondola to get to the top. Try these popular destinations when doing your research: Vail, Colorado; Stowe, Vermont, Park City, Utah and of course, Aspen, Colorado.


Ski Resort Wedding



5. Adventure Wedding

Do you love hiking and going on adventures? Having an adventure wedding your guests will love can involve a variety of activities: canopy tours, zip lining, wilderness hikes, horseback riding, campfires and much more. Your ceremony can be organized outside in the fresh air with a reception under the stars. Your guests will love making your wedding a vacation of their own, which will make you feel that much closer to every person attending your special day. Consider these spots for the adventure: Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico ( Riviera Maya ), Colorado or Utah.


Adventure Wedding


6. Cruise Wedding

Most of the cruise lines offer all-inclusive plans you and your guests can enjoy for an entire week. Some cruise lines even offer a "no tip policy" where even alcohol and massages are included. The possibilities are endless. The hardest part will be finding the perfect cruise line and deciding on the best ship for you and your guests. You and your guests will enjoy breathtaking views, complete relaxation and variety of entertainment options. A negative aspect is an occasional seasickness, however, that can be overcome with motion sickness medication. Another aspect you will need to research is the destination of the cruise. The Caribbean is always an affordable option. However, cruises to Hawaii, Mediterranean, or even Alaska are unique and memorable for the entire wedding party.


Cruise wedding


7. Island Wedding

Lastly, island weddings are one of the bride's favorite and most affordable options. Palm trees ,laid back style, and turquoise waters make island/beach weddings the perfect destination. You'll love a sunset ceremony and a gorgeous, effortless reception outdoors, gorgeous flowers in your bouquet and delicious drinks made by the locals. Everyone enjoys a relaxing getaway to the shore, and you will have no issues getting your guests to come to your wedding. For my own wedding, we chose Mexico. I couldn't be happier with the choice. With 34 guests total, it was a perfect mixture of close friends and relatives and low - key relaxed ceremony and reception. I mean, who can say that they went snorkeling for 3 hours before they said " I Do " a few hours later?


Island Wedding



Regardless of the place or the theme which you choose for your special day, the most important thing to remember is to stay true to yourself and your groom. It is not about what your parents, cousins, friends or anyone else want. It is a day which should be all about YOU, and what YOU have envisioned. Make a list of top 10 destinations you'd potentially like to consider. Have your groom do the same, and see if you both were able to have the same location in mind. If so - start your research there and see what options that particular place has to offer.This process should be fun and exciting. If you have no common destinations, agree first on the country, and go from there.



Please comment below and let us know if you have enjoyed this article, or if we missed any type of destinations - we would love to hear about your experience :)

Until next week, Anna

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