Top 5 ways to ask your friends to be in your wedding party

Will You Be My….?
Asking someone to be your maid/matron of honor, bridesmaid, or flower girl should be an exciting moment for the both of you. Bridesmaid boxes are becoming the new trend for asking someone to be in a bridal party, but like with many other things, it is all about the bride’s style and personal choice. Listed below are a few ideas on how to “pop the question” to others to share in the experience of your big day!
Will you be my bridesmaid?
Bridesmaid Boxes – These are usually custom made per bridesmaid. Sometimes they have a smaller bottle of their favorite beverage (alcoholic or not), a personalized item with their name, items that coincide with the bride’s color choices for the wedding (nail polish, lipstick, candy, etc.). You can make your own boxes with items from craft stores, or purchase from many premade ones from Etsy. What you fill them with and spend on them is up to you!

Bridesmaids box photo

Ring-Pop the Question – Place a Ring-Pop in a box with a notecard with a cute phrasing of the question. “I said I do, now will you? Please do me the honor of being my bridesmaid!” is a good example.

Bridesmaids Box DIY

Ladies Who Lunch - …or breakfast…or brunch. Invite your girls out to a meal (your treat) and for dessert, have a special pastry made ahead of time that gets given to each of them with the request of them being in your party worked into the display of the dessert. Cupcakes, cookies, macaroons, or even a box of candy can be made into a special and personalized way to ask.

Bridesmaids Lunch Idea

Picture Perfect – A dual frame with a favorite picture of the two of you on one side and a note card stating that you hope she’ll help you put a new picture of her as a bridesmaid and you as a bride on the other.

Custom Bridesmaids Picture Frame

Don’t Throw this Bouquet – Have a lollipop bouquet made up – you can also make your own by getting a Styrofoam ball from a craft store and the lollipops of your choice and stick them in it – and give it to them with a card asking them to hold a real one for you on your big day!

Bridesmaids Candy Bouquette

Note that all of these can be customized also if you are asking a male to stand with you on your side. Just custom make it to their preferences such as swapping out the nail polish for a grooming product would like.  Also don’t feel as though you have to top how someone asked you to be in their party – tangible treats and goodies are a bonus, the real gift is you asking them and trusting them to share in preparing and standing up with you on what is one of the biggest and best days of your life!
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