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Bridal Magazines -  The Only Issues You Should Have
No matter how hard you plan and hope to avoid conflict, there are times where drama might rear its ugly head.  You might want to explode – even the most level headed person can only take so much, especially when planning and budgeting one of the most important days of their life on top of the stresses of everyday life.  Reacting a certain way or even not reacting to certain things at all, can be the key to not having to try to smooth things over in the future.

wedding problems

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Often times customers will email me photos of themselves wearing Bare Sandals on their wedding day, special vacation or while the soak up the sun. I wanted to feature some of those pics here from one of our friends, Olivia Rink. Recently, Olivia traveled to Los Cabos in Mexico to attend a friend's wedding. She posted some of the pics from the trip on her blog - they turned out absolutely stunning. Check out her awesome shots below. Leave a comment to let us know which pic is your favorite !
Olivia Rink in Bare Sandals on the rocks
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“I Do!” Decorum
Things are changing the way many people plan and execute their weddings. Everything from custom hashtags for Instagram to color palettes, and theme weddings that are not as conventional as they have been in the past.  Having special and unique touches to make your special day yours is great, but there is etiquette that one should never go astray from.
wedding hashtag
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Asking someone to be your maid/matron of honor, bridesmaid, or flower girl should be an exciting moment for the both of you. Bridesmaid boxes are becoming the new trend for asking someone to be in a bridal party, but like with many other things, it is all about the bride’s style and personal choice. Listed below are a few ideas on how to “pop the question” to others to share in the experience of your big day!
Will you be my bridesmaid?
Bridesmaid Boxes – These are usually custom made per bridesmaid. Sometimes they have a smaller bottle of their favorite beverage (alcoholic or not), a personalized item with their name, items that coincide with the bride’s color choices for the wedding (nail polish, lipstick, candy, etc.). You can make your own boxes with items from craft stores, or purchase from many premade ones from Etsy. What you fill them with and spend on them is up to you!
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Hi there! With Christmas being behind us, and the next major holiday is months from now, I have decided to host a very small, but quick giveaway to bring everyone more holiday cheer :) 
Bare Sandals is hitting a major milestone this month. We will be featured in 2016, January 1st magazine issue of Mingle...We are also only 5 ( !! ) orders away on our ETSY page from hitting our 1000th sale !! We currently have over 230 5-star reviews and couldn't be happier about 2015. We are super pumped for all of those things and want to give a little back to all our fans out there. I know, I know, you may think that "nothing is free" and there's always a catch. 
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No matter how much one prepares and plans for the day of their wedding, there might be a few snags that happen the day of. In the spirit of “hope for the best, but plan for the worst”, I have compiled a list of supplies (and what to use them for in a pinch) everyone should have on hand just in case something happens.
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Here Comes the…Kids?
One of the issues that arise when planning your wedding is the topic of children at the wedding. Should they be in the wedding party? Will they be invited to the ceremony and/or reception? This is another instance where you need to remember that this is a decision for you and your significant other to make, and to base it on what you want, rather than what others want for your wedding.
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Saving for a wedding can be a difficult task, no matter what your financial situation may be. It is important to recognize the fact that weddings aren't cheap. In fact, the average cost of a wedding in US is 28,000K. Can you believe that? You can get a brand new car for that money. There is nothing wrong with wanting your special day to be the best day of your life, but it is wise to start thinking about way you save some money by doing simple, everyday things. In the long run they add up - and you can save some extra money to invest it into your honeymoon, or update an old kitchen. 

Here is a list of 12 ways you can stretch that buck, and ensure your wedding saving's fund is up and running. 

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We love the idea of mixing pastels and colors of spring in one look. Check out these stunning pics to get inspired for your own secret garden look. 


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On July 8th, our third Etsy shop, Mariposa Court was featured in a blog article by Emmaline Bride. We were super honored for the shout out, and wanted to share the article. This article is a repost from the original article posted on Emmalinebride.com. Enjoy !
Planning a wedding on the beach? Wondering what shoes to wear for your beach wedding ceremony? We received this new question from bride-to-be, Sherry, who wrote us via our Ask Emmaline form. Since we knew it was a question other brides probably wondered, we are sharing the answer with you today. She asks…
“I’m planning a beach wedding and finally found my dress. Now I have no idea what kind of shoes to wear. What do you recommend on the sand?”
Great question! Since heels are nearly impossible on sand, we say skip the heels and save them for the dance floor. Instead, try on a pair of barefoot sandals, one of our favorite beach wedding footwear options! Of course, custom flip flops are awesome… and flats work, too… but barefoot sandals are a fun trend worth a try! They’ll also look great on your honeymoon while sipping on drinks poolside. Read on to see why we love this unique option and see some pretty finds from Mariposa Court. Enjoy!
Barefoot Sandals - What Shoes to Wear for Beach Wedding | http://emmalinebride.com/bride/barefoot-sandals/
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