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A friend of mine posted in a Facebook status last week requesting opinions on destination weddings. Here’s a tip – never post a “How Do You Feel About…?” query if you have your heart set on a particular idea. She received a response to everything from “Too Expensive!” to “You’re selfish if you make that decision!” ... This girl isn't even engaged, and was just expressing curiosity about an option. Yet, the name calling and harsh criticism was flying five seconds after she hit the post option.
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First of all, congratulations on your upcoming celebration and commitment to the person you love! Every bride-to-be (and even members of the bridal party) will have moments of anxiety, and it’s perfectly normal. Hopefully, with a few of our tips and tricks listed below, we’ll be able to help you focus on what you should be focused on and enjoy planning what is to be the best day of your life! 

1. Remember that this is your wedding. Don’t let anybody pressure you into something they think is perfect or a “must have!” You will never be able to make everybody happy, so focus on what you and your future partner want and what makes the two of you happy.

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As I thought about all the beautiful brides-to-be I wanted to spend a little time to write about what you can do to take away some of the stress when it comes to planning a destination wedding. This can be a very stressful topic for a lot of girls out there. From personal experience, I can relate.

        When I was planning my destination wedding in Mexico my husband and I ran into countless debates. Planning together wasn't easy and for the first time we actually disagreed on A LOT of things. Please keep that in mind when planning a wedding. You are going to have to communicate to your future husband and often time this is not going to be easy.

     I consider myself a pretty easy going person and always have been like that, but when it came down to planning that special day I was often frustrated and annoyed. This is exactly why I wanted to share some of the tips I had about the process and make it a bit easier to deal with. Read More
I know, I know my obsession with the color coral may be getting out of control, but I just cannot help it. Coral is such an amazing color and compliments the skin tone in the most amazing of ways. Lately, I have been obsessing over coral and can't stop making jewelry which includes this amazing hue. With that said, I'd like to share some of the latest additions I have in my ETSY shop. Some of these items will ultimately make it for sale, here on this website. However, some are only exclusively available on ETSY. So please check out my page there if you see something you like and would like to purchase any of the items :)
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Hey guys! 
Anna here with Bare Sandals, just wanted to give you a quick update about an awesome new feature I have recently discovered on Instagram. I've received some requests about being able to share barefoot sandals love through Instagram and decided to incorporate a new widget within this website.
Here is how it works: when you order a pair of Bare Sandals from us on this page, or from our ETSY page - go on Instagram, take a picture of your new purhcase and use hashtag #baresandals to tag your photo. What Instagram will do is send your photo to our Instragram widget and you will actually see your picture pop up on our website. It can stay there anywhere from 1 - 10 days! 
Where can you see the picture? Right below this post, on our main page ( and every page ) of mybaresandals.com
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Thank you for stumbling upon our Bare Sandals page!

We are currently working on this site and it should be up, and fully functioning in no time. Please check back soon and pardon our temporary appearance :)