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After 3 week long search for our perfect model, Bare Sandals finally found the model for our photo shoot. The shoot was a great success! We shot 11 pairs of barefoot sandals, some of our awesome hand chains, bracelets and necklacesMichael Glenn, the photographer did an outstanding job of capturing the beauty of the jewelry. Amy Schmoldt was our make up artist, and she couldn't of done a better job. 
Here are the sneak peaks of the shoot. 
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It's your big day. You are excited, nervous and a bit anxious. I know the feeling. You wake up early and the festivities start. You get your mani / pedi done, the hair is set up, your dress is ironed and ready to go... Then you get your make up done...

And slight panic starts to set in...

When I was getting married in Mexico 2 years ago, I asked my make up artist for "bright lips and classic look". When I walked out of the salon, got back to my room and took a "closer up" look of my face - I was stunned. NOT in a good way. My lips were bright magenta, I had blue eye shadow, 2 shades-off foundation and over dramatic eye brows. I imaged Mike's ( my husband ) face at the alter... There was no way I was going out there like that.

 I had two choices: A-  Go back to the salon, have a confrontational conversation with the make up girl and kill another hour of my day, all while praying that the second result would be better then the first. or B - just wash my face and redo my make up myself.

I opted out for option number 2.

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This month Bare Sandals was given an amazing opportunity to work with Pilar Ilo, from Vintage Mingle.
The photo shoot's theme was "secret garden" and some amazing vendors were represented by the gorgeous models. 

Here are some sneak peaks from the shoot:

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Your wedding party. They've said yes to be a part of your special day, and to witness what should be one of the most amazing moments of your life. They will be there for or assist in planning a bridal shower, bachelorette, and other events that might be significant in the preparation for your wedding.  They’ll be there for trying on dresses, frustrating moments when nothing seems to be going right, clearing schedules to make time for appointments, and basically dedicating a good portion of their time to be there for whatever and whenever you need during the planning process.

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Want to score a FREE pair of Bare Sandals? There has never been an easier way!
We are hosting our first Instagram Giveaway! 
The rules are simple: 
Log onto your Instagram page and like our Instagram page ( @baresandalsllc ). Next, find this pic:
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“I can’t wait to tell everyone! I have to tell everyone!” is usually one of the first thoughts that a newly engaged bride-to-be has going through her head...
... Then eventually it leads to thoughts of planning with the dress…and the parties…and the tastings…and the ordering of the flowers…and the….

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Who’s that Pretty Girl in that Mirror There?
It’s in all the movies and the TV shows. That look of awe that comes over the face of the mother of the bride, and the bridal party that came along for the picking out of the dress.Not just any dress – THE dress. 
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Congratulations! You have made the decision to commit and ready to take the next step in planning your big day. This is the perfect time to start thinking about your budget. Unless you are fortunate enough to have unlimited funds, it is essential to set appropriate budget limitations.

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Top 10 Locations for Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings: stunning beaches, Margaritas flowing, Mariachi band is playing. If you are looking to relax on your special day - having a destination wedding is the way to know. I had my wedding in Mexico and it was the perfect day with the perfect ending. 
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Bachelorette Party
        Ah, the bachelorette party. For some reason this seems like it’s supposed to be just a fun night out with the girls; the “Final Fling Before the Ring!!!”…or whatever else helps party stores sell satin sashes and plastic tiaras for five times the markup...
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